Frittata has got to be one of the most versatile recipes you can make, you can add many many flavours to a fritatta so you feel you are eating a different meal every time you make it. You can also experiment with different fillings creating the perfect gluten free frittata for a post work out breakfast or you can leave it to cool down and portion it into squares to snack on, this has got to be my favourite food source on the Ketogenic diet. Frittata can be difficult to make if you have the wrong pan so make sure you are using a decent non stick frying pan and it will be easy peasy to make.

Experiment with different flavours (if you are following a low carb diet watch out for the carb content) we love to experiment and these are some of our favourite combinations.

Bacon & mushroom

Ham & cheese

Cheese & onion

Broccoli, cheese & onion

Red pepper cheese & onion

Spinach, cheese & tomato

Broccoli and salmon


Place the eggs into a medium sized bowl add salt and pepper to taste and whisk

Heat a medium non stick frying pan over a high heat with the olive oil

Add your chosen ingredients and cook for around 5 mins

Lower the heat to low to medium

Pour the egg mixture over your chosen ingredients and allow to cook

Preheat the grill

Once the bottom of your frittata has set place it under the grill to set the top

Be careful not to leave it under too long or it will become tough


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