Gluten free crisps

Are crisps gluten free?

The simple answer is yes and no, crisps usually start out gluten free but then the flavour is added. Some flavourings contain gluten and that’s where it all goes downhill. But don’t worry not all crisps have gluten in them, see our gluten free crisps list.

What crisps are gluten free?

There are many safe to eat gluten free crisps available in supermarkets these days, you won’t have to go hunting for the gluten free isle to find them either. The more well-known brands are Kettle, Seabrook, Burt’s, Pombears, although pombears are more of a snack than a crisp, but hey the kids love them so who are we to complain? I like crisps with good strong flavours so I for one am glad kettle crisps gluten free as they have the perfect balance of flavours and crunch!

Are Tyrrells crisps gluten free?

Yes most of Tyrrells crisps are gluten free but you need to check the ingredients as some of them, like the sea salt and cider vinegar flavour contain gluten.

Are McCoy’s crisps gluten free? No unfortunately McCoy’s are not gluten free. The flavourings they use to make their crisps contain gluten so they are not safe to eat if you have coeliac disease.

Are walker’s crisps gluten free?

There has been some confusion regarding walkers crisps, they were labelled suitable for coeliacs but due to a recent change in the law regarding gluten free products. Manufacturers of walkers crisps now have to list them as a may contain, this is because they are made in a factory that handles wheat and gluten.

When choosing your crisps be sure to check the ingredients list as there may be hidden gluten. How can crisps contain hidden gluten? It is all down to the manufacturing process.

Some crisps even though the ingredients themselves don’t contain gluten the manufacturer now has to label them as may contain gluten because those crisps are made in a factory that handles wheat and gluten which can cause cross contamination. Some coel,iacs are ok with eating may contain products but I avoid eating them altogether you never know.

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